Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sorry, no crush today.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dirty Birdie Thursday

This will be the last DBT with any kind of fun cover ups. You know, the little faces and tweety birds and Charles Nelson Reillys that shield the eyes from any naughtiness. While I do enjoy creating them, we're not babies here, are we?

We're certainly no angels. That "naughtiness" is part of what makes us the magical creatures that we are!

With that said, it's time to bring on the dancing horses.

We bid ad-ewwwww to the cover ups and hello to the good stuffs by going out with a bang!

Or should I say "flequillo!"

Queers and queens, may I present Rafael Alencar.

Good evening, sir, would you care for some Choriço?

What's Salchicha? Well, it's a Brazilian/Portuguese sausage. couldn't hear me? Listen closely...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look Into My Crystal Ball....

The upcoming DNA coverboy.....

You Are Not What You Seem

After blogging for a few years now, I've seen a lot of the same images time and again. Even though we're all turned on by different kinds of guys, one thing is true...the gay apple doesn't fall far from the gay tree. This doesn't trouble me; I figure if I post a pic of some sexy beast and you post the same beast 3 months later (or 3 months prior) then obviously the beast is a Beast.

Sometimes, one discovers wee secrets and/or aliases of these Beasts. I'll explore this particular topic at a later date. I'm currently "researching" this phenom and plan to deliver a FULL report.

Take, for instance, this image:

Tell me you haven't seen it "out and about." I dare you! I remember posting this young buck on the original ShirleyHeezgay! site! When you look at it, what do you imagine? I'll tell you what I picture:

Young, tanned (possibly homo) and buff guy with boyish charm. Cute, shy-ish with a body for sin. Perhaps soft spoken at times, but often boisterous among close friends and lovers.

Did you know his name is Anthony? Or sometimes it's Antonio? Did you know that "Anthony" is one deviant mutha-fucka?

It was only 54 seconds, but tell me you're not either deathly afraid of him, or madly in love with him. It's completely up to you if you want to explore this hot mess further. You have all the information you need. Oh, except maybe for this....(Link is NSFW)

You're welcome.

Monday, February 22, 2010

There's Definitely A Pattern....

After watching about 10 missed episodes of Fringe from Season One, along with a heads up from a couple of bloggers, I feel it is only necessary to take some precautionary actions.

Should something happen to me, I've set up a safe house for The Lisp. You'll be able to find the goods by going to:

Bookmark it. Now.

Back to the Fringe....

If You Had Her Love?...

...then you would be one of the lucky few.

Poor Jenny has parted ways with her label, even though two (tragic and tepid) singles have been released from the forthcoming Love?, her 7th studio CD.

There are conflicting stories, though. One says that her contract with Sony Music Epic Records is up and their parting is amicable. The other is that there have been too many disagreements about who-knows-what about Love?.

Personally, I think that Sony ain't havin' any more of la poriqua's inability to snag the Golden Hoop earring that she once had such a firm grasp of.

The mucho "¡Oh, mierda!" about La Lopez' situashe is that Love? isn't even going to be released. It's been completely cancelled.

Love? really don't cost a thing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crush du samedi

Blond, blue-eyed, boyish charm with a buff bod. This could describe a million guys out there who are "models."

Mike Churchill is all of these things, but he is so not your average male model. There are obvious gorgeous and sexy aspects about him, of course, but there's also this quiet, steamy confidence.

Papa like. In fact, I'm not normally fond of blonds, but Mike is fabulous! Naturally, I'm not the only one who thinks so; this New Jersey boy's picture is everywhere! It's next to impossible to locate an unseen or rare photograph. I think I got one, though. The last one (beside the bed) was taken just recently. And, is that a trick of the light or can I see his...

Anyway...he's been modelling for 5 years now and wants to "take it to the next level and land something big." I'm right here, baby.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Gay Cheque: Silent Auction

Anderson? Anderson Cooper? No Comment.

The newest BUTT online profiles sex-hunkDarren, one of the co-owners of NYC's Eastern Bloc. The other owner, is the rumoured "boyfriend" of Anderson Cooper. I guess BUTT didn't know not to go asking about them.

So, the Eastern Bloc is famous now for Anderson Cooper dating your business partner?
I really have no comment about that.

Although, I am curious because I saw an article in The Post
They are not adopting a Haitian baby. [Laughing].

I always thought that you were the only owner. That is how I understood it, so when I read that I thought, oh shit!
No, it’s not me. No, my boyfriend is way cuter than Anderson. [Laughs] It’s really annoying. Ever since that night when Anderson and Madonna came in people come by and just look around.

An Eastern Bloc-er "in the know" says that the A.C./No Comment thing has "become something of an employee policy at the Bloc."

Fortunately, the same Eastern Bloc-er confirmed it for me, the day this bicycles photo came out. Which I'm assuming was long before the policy was put into effect.

I'm starting to get a little peeved at you, Anderson! But as for why... comment.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So How's Work?

Today is my third day back at work and while my team seems pleased with my return, the rest of my colleagues and manager are kinda making me the red headed stepchild.

Granted, there's a lot going on, what with a corporate visit and such, but how long does it take to pick up the phone and say, "Welcome back!"? Is it too much trouble to put a little enthusiasm behind an impromptu "Welcome Back" as you pass by someone on speakerphone? Bloody hell, I'll take a hastily scribbled fax, but nope.

This is my 8th year with my company. I've worked with the majority of these people since the beginning. The one I've worked the shortest with has been with the company for 3 years. Hello? I'm not new, here.

Perhaps it's because this is my third time back from sick leave, but that's beyond my control and it's just ridiculous to hold that against me.

Oh, I's 'cause I got so fat. That makes much more sense.

Dirty Birdie Thursday

You won't find Charles Nelson Reilly, cartoon characters, '50's housewives or anything covering up the naughty bits on any of today's dirty birdies.

Although, I will say this: you know that saying, "The word "almost" only counts in horseshoes, bombs and sex?" I'd like to nominate these fellas to be included in the old adage.


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