Monday, June 28, 2010

"the torch has been passed"

My all-time favourite photographer, Joe Oppedisano, posted something on his blog and I wanted to share it with all of you.

I celebrate those that came before me. I don't judge their behaviour or actions or habits...they helped pave the way for me, as I have paved the way for future queerlings.


"and so,
in the year 2010,
it is officially the year that the torch between generations was passed.
no longer are we the hottest, hippest, most muscular generation,
we still look good,
but the torch tonight goes to the new early 30-boys.
they have survived the twink phase successfully, and come out men.
i saw some that made my mouth drop, and i kept thinking, "in 10 years your gonna be spectacular!"
it made me proud to know that,
our generation that was the first AIDS survivors,
the cross to bear of ACT-UP, the beginning of the 90's muscle mary, and the dancers of the dance,
the Sound Factory NYC boys who are the epitome of it all."

Keep reading HERE. (link NSFW)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday School

...and don't you forget it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dirty Birdie Thursday

Todays DBT is completely random; there's no theme, no rhyme no rhythm. It's not even really that dirty.

Just stuff I found this week that I thought was haw-zawht.

Totally Different Kind Of "WOOF!"

Why is it that when I see this little Twilight fucker...

...all I can see is this?

Body? 9 Gold's Gyms out of 10.
Face? One Dent-a-bone out of 5.

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Gary Coleman's Engraved Casket

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about, Arnold!

~as seen on~

The Lisp Review ~ Cyndi, Sia & Eminem

Cyndi Lauper ~ Memphis Blues
June 21, 2010

Oh, how we adore thee, Ms. Lauper.

From the very first day you hyper-actively bounced onto our TV screens squeaking about coming home in the morning light, we have loved you.We loved you even when, like Madonna, your third incarnation was met with, "That's her?" You had us when you parked that car that you drove all night. Very few of us even knew you when you were a sister of Avalon.

But then...a Cher tour and a kick-ass remake of Disco Inferno threw you back into our realm of attention, even if only momentarily. You were always there, right in our collective periphery. A few die-hards and rubber-neckers paid attention, but...still.

And then, you brought us to the Brink. You even gave us stiletto-fabulous remixes. We were dancing to you with visions of divas and porn stars.

And now you have The Memphis Blues. Blues is a very specific genre of music. Hell, blues is a way of life; blues is a part of your soul. I have TOTAL respect for the Blues alumni that you've recruited for this record (Jonny Lang, B.B. King, hello?), and you haven't in any way disrespected the genre but....

I may take some heat for this but...-- I'm not sure a white woman from New York has got the Blues in her soul. The first single, Just Your Fool is a raucous harmonica-laden blues-ish fest...but it's also generic. It's the type of song that people who don't know or understand (read: feel) the blues will say, "Damn, that Cyndi got some Blues!!" Those folk might just love it because most of this record feels generic and blues-ish.

I might even dare say that the Cyndi die-hards will be challenged with her Memphis Blues. Maybe it's the type of thing that I need to listen to a little more, but really...I love you , Ms. Lauper, but, do I have to?

Sia ~ We Are Born
June 21, 2010

If you don't get this, then you're homophobic and insane.

Back when Sia was a Starbucks one-off, if you actually took the time to listen, you knew there was something there. Some people really did have problems!

But now, oh, now you just gotta clap your hands! This is a collection of fun, joyful dance music. Sia previewed several tracks months ago, but listening to it in it's entirety is the real gift...don't let the pipe-cleaners and blond hair fool you.

This girl can sing you some fun fluff (Clap Your Hands) and she can sing you something groovy like You've Changed (which was also an early preview and definitely one of the standout tracks) and dig into the soulful with Be Good To Me. Just about every track is fantastic in some way, however...
Very unlike her cover of Under A Milky Way, Sia attempts a go at Madonna's Oh, Father and it just comes off as a little ... weird. Just like on Idol, if you're going to attempt to take on an ICON's song, you better sing the shit-outta-it. She doesn't and only gives it a touch of uniqueness. I'll pass, thanks.
Aside from that, We Are Born is reminscent of Róisín Murphy, Tori Amos, Lykke Li, Annie and GaGa...-ish.

Eminem ~ Recovery
July 21, 2010


It's Eminem.
Recovery is going to sell a shit load of units.

In my humble opinion, the best track is The Way You Lie To Me, with Rihanna. It builds itself into what should be a funky frenzy, but instead, we get "If she ever tries to fuckin' leave again, Ima tie her to the bed and set this house on fire. "

Oh, Marshall...Farrah did that years ago.

Regardless, Eminem fans will eat this shit up. Big time.
There might even be some of "us" that will buy it because, hey..."I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable."

Oh hell...I've already written more words than I thought I would on this plasticized rapper.

Every Time You Touch Me (And Me, And Me, And Me)


Full disclosure. I can be sophisticated, intelligent and well-informed. But I can also be common, top-40-centric, and lacking in sound judgement...

Having said that, I came across the GAYEST musical collaboration yet!!!

Diana Ross....When You Tell Me That You Love Me....with...Westlife...and she's on their CD so she gets a "featuring Diana Ross."

That's some gutsy gayness right there. Granted, the only official gay member of Westlife died tragically on holiday whilst his husband got plowed like a cornfield in the next room, by some "friend" they met at the pool or a restaurant or a washroom. Allegedly.

Oh, no...Wait!!! That was BoyZone.




There's a video.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alessandro Skywalker

You know, I've always thought that the one thing missing from Star Wars was hot, hunky Italian stud.

Alessandro Calza, being such a thoughtful and considerate Alternate Universe X-husband, posted a new set of photos on his Flikr page.

La Forza è forte con questo.


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