Thursday, March 17, 2011

22 Miles Between the Choice of Hysteria or Peace

If the threefold disaster in Japan has been worrying you and causing distress, there isn't really anywhere that's safe to go, media-wise, that can provide you the break you need to recharge your sanity batteries. Maybe HGTV, TVLand and The Food Network, but I read somewhere a housewife in Saskatchewan lost it when the host used a microwave and jumped into a well and drowned.

I don't mean to sound callous or pessimistic, but I think that the Rescue missions along the northeast coast of Japan are now Recovery missions. No one will ever be able to erase the images of that black water pouring over the highway, flooding city streets, ripping homes from their foundations, and...ugh....and we're just watching it happen. I think my brain would split in half had I actually witnessed it first hand.

Of course, I'm hoping to hear miracle stories come out from the East, like the ones following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, where people were found alive after weeks buried under rubble.
We're not hearing them, but I believe that we will.

The water has receded and left one hundred Katrinas behind. And the time has come to let these people mourn their missing and their dead; to reclaim and rebuild--if they even can.

The third part of this disaster is still unfolding and let me say here and now: I know nothing of Nuclear Science. I barely passed regular Biology. Twice. But I have to say this, and Lourdes, please, if you have a blog or an EMAIL address!...please pass this message along:

...and by "Carry On," I'm thinking, let's help Japan FIX the FUCKED-UP-NESS, before we start going all Charlie Sheen in our own countries and governments.

A couple of nights ago on Piers Morgan (why. who. how. was it he got his own show?) had on some congressman or senator or something. All of Piers' questions were sensational, hysteria-fed, and while they were all worded differently, they were the same: what if this happens here?

This Democrat politico from somewhere with a southern accent basically replied every time: let's fix the problem in Japan, and then we can study it. Then we can talk about it.

Paraphrasing, of course.

The Pickering nuclear power station (above), one of five in Canada, is located 35 kilometers (22 miles) east of Toronto.

I'm not saying that there aren't folks around these parts getting a little fidgety in their drawers, but I feel I need to put things into perspective. The Pickering nuclear facility is about 22, 23 miles east of where I live. It's been there since the mid-80's. It hasn't been without its issues but this is what amazes me: Ever since this crisis emerged in Japan, I haven't ONCE thought about the Pickering plant. Or the Chalk River facility 180 km (110 mi) away from Toronto.

People. Calmer heads prevail. Let's fix whats all bust up and then we can go for our own check-ups. You don't think that the greatest minds in the global nuclear science community aren't all over this? They are, and they're thinking the same thing I just said: One problem at a time!



  1. Piers Morgan is a dickhead - his history at the helm of British tabloids is shameful, and he does not deserve his current place in the media one little bit... Jx



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