Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HUMP! Cazwell & Crew

Sure, there's only 2 hours left on this Wednesday, but I can't possibly let the day pass without giving you a little HUMP! day eye candy!

One of my favourite people -and friend to The Lisp- Cazwell, has just released his latest single, Get My Money Back, directed by the amazing (and equally sexy) Marco Ovando, the visionary behind the summer's sexiest video, Ice Cream Truck.

First, I was going to just have it be all about Cazwell, but then I thought...that's too easy. Caz oozes sex and would likely snag the whole month end HUMP! So, I'm giving you Cazwell and his whole crew.....

...AND the new Get My Money Back video! A pinch Bloodhound Gang, another generous helping of Ice Cream Sass and you get another Cazwell eye candy masterpiece!

I'm especially fond of the moves at 2:37 and 2:50! DAMN!

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you better make this good.


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