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EXCLUSIVE Special End(s) Of The Week! Bryan Slater (SRLSY NSFW!)

Oh, my sexy Lispers....Have I got a treat for you today. A Mucho NSFW treat, so if you're at work, or school, or the Vatican, scroll no further...wait 'till you get home.

We have a special spotlight on one of adult entertainment's hottest stars. He's a total TDH (tall, dark and handsome) and oozes some serious masculine sexuality.

He's been on the scene for a short five years, but in that time, he has posed for some of the biggest photographers and worked for some of the biggest studios.

Studios such as Titan Media and Dragon/Gage Media as well as Hot House, Lucas Entertainment and Raging Stallion Studios (with my old friend Race Cooper in Edger9:Race To The Edge).

He has posed in front of the lenses of Dylan Rosser, Walter Kurtz, Mark Henderson, Toronto's Chris Teel, Sam Devries, Xcess Studio, Thomas Synnamon and so, so many more.

I reached out to him a couple of months ago, and while I wanted to get this out to everyone as quickly as possible, there was a plethora of obstacles. Technology fuckups and life (or something like it) events kept this project at bay, but I'm so pleased to finally unveil it.

I'm honoured to spotlight this virile and gorgeous man in a series created by the amazing Henning Von Berg in a Lisp exclusive.

Ladyboys and gentlemen, Mr. Bryan Slater....

You've been modeling and porn star-ing for 5 years now, and in that time, you've worked A LOT...I guess you're enjoying it, no?

Yeah, I've been working with photographers and artists for about 5 years and my 3-year porn anniversary is at the end of April. I've honestly had the time of my life. I think many people have a "porn star" fantasy and I'm no exception. How lucky am I to actually get to live it out, on my own terms and in my own way? Especially at my age! Here, I must give credit to Tom Judson (a.k.a. Gus Mattox) for paving the way for porn late-bloomers like me.

You have a partner. How long have you been together? How has it been for him to embrace this part of your life? Any chances of seeing the two of you together on screen?

My partner and I have been together for over 15 years. He not only approves of my porn adventure, he sometimes brags about it! We will not be working together on screen in porn.

Can you reflect a bit on your experience of the Henning von Berg shoot?

Sure! Some of these photos have been seen before, but this is the first time the entire series has been published together. And, I should note, these photos are not very "Henning". He would be the first to tell you that. Henning likes exotic and unusual locations for his nudes. He would have preferred to shoot me in the Lincoln Tunnel during rush hour or jerking off in Times Square. And I have no problem doing that! I just don't want to be arrested. So, I asked Henning how long it had been since he'd been to Fire Island. "Too long" he said and off we went! I called my buddy, Deno, and he let us shoot at his beautiful house in The Pines while he had a house full of guests.

No one really seemed to mind that I was walking around naked during brunch! The other interesting part of that shoot is that I had a rather nasty patch of poison ivy rash on my right calf, which I got from a shoot with my friend, Walter Kurtz, in the woods the weekend before. I'm very allergic, so the rash looked like a large glob of raw hamburger meat stuck to my leg. Nasty! Henning and I had to be very creative with posing and cropping to avoid showing it. I think we did a great job! *We do, too!

Is there an element or process in your work that you especially enjoy? Dislike?

Whether in modeling or porn, I really like collaborating to get the best shot. I love clear, strong direction but I also like someone who makes me feel like I am a part of the creative process. The people I've worked with more than once (like Walter Kurtz, Kim Hanson, Ray Dragon, Joe Gage, Brian Mills, just to name a few) have provided that for me.

Are there any causes or organizations that you're passionate about?

Yes. Arts funding, arts education and equal rights are passions of mine.

This isn't really a question and it might seem like I'm objectifying, but you are just ridiculously handsome and you have a crazy rockin' bod. You must be what...0.5% body fat? How do you maintain your amazing physique?

Ha! That's the question I get asked most often. I guess people figure if a goofy old man like I am can have a nice body, so can they. And they'd be right! I follow the diet and exercise program called Body For Life. It's written by Bill Phillips and he owes me sooooo much money for all my unsolicited endorsements. Does he read this blog? Probably. Bill Phillips: PAY UP! *LISP NOTE: Not sure if he does, but we'll find out!

How do you stay so grounded (and sweet and kind and nice) in an industry like yours, when we hear about so many feuds and BS, especially through Twitter and other porn sites?

Well, first of all, I'm a porn part-timer. I have never relied on porn for my livelihood so it isn't my life. When it comes to industry-related drama, I'm already on the side lines, so I'm generally not involved. Professionally speaking, I've been in the entertainment industry since January 1988. I learned a long time ago to show up on time and ready to work. Be sincere and kind to everyone involved and when the job is complete, say thank you and get out. Stay out of the drama.

Based on your experience what was the biggest misconception you had about the industry?

I think my initial idea of shooting porn was that I'd be on a dirty set with sleazy directors trying to grope me and everyone would be drunk and/or high.

The work environment is actually the exact opposite. The sets are always clean, everyone maintains a professional work ethic and there are strict policies against using alcohol and drugs on the premises. I honestly didn't expect the level of professionalism to be so high.

That's one of the reasons I enjoy working for Titan. Every person involved is well-educated, professional and on-point. The energy on set is high and the focus is on getting the best scene possible. I've also worked in "legit" film as well.

Recently I worked as a performer in a Chanel commercial shot by a powerful Oscar-winning director. The set was chaos. Several performers and crew members smelled of alcohol. Hours were wasted from mis-communication between directors, stylists and actors. Some might scoff at the comparison, but that shit never happens on a Brian Mills set. Ever.

Any upcoming projects?

Yes! I have a new Ray Dragon film out titled TRUCK YOU. I'm in a three-way with Josh West and Jake Steel. Fun! And I am in the just released Joe Gage film titled DOCTORS AND DADS. Both are through Dragon Media and available at

How can your fans and the readers of The Lisp learn more about you?

My blog is and I'm on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

You've got a short list of photographers and studios you'd like to work there anyone that would just really "ice your cake?"

I would love to be photographed by Meisel, Demarchelier, Leibovitz, Klein, and/or Terry Johnson. In porn, I would love to work for Kristen Bjorn but I'm old and without foreskin, so that isn't likely. Love to work for Chi Chi LaRue before I fold my tent. And I think John Cameron Mitchell is a brilliant artist, so I'll throw him into the mix.


I have no doubt that Bryan will get his wish! I think it would be awesome to see him in a psycho-sexual spread with Meisel or Klean. Imagine what Annie Leibovitz could do with him!

Personally, I'm shocked -SHOCKED- that Bryan Slater hasn't worked with Chi Chi LaRue! I think I'ma hafta send this little post to Ms. LaRue and see what happens!

Mr. Bryan Slater, thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions; big thanks to Henning Von Berg for his artistry and a giant kiss worth of thanks to both for allowing me to show the entire series here, exclusively at The Lisp.

Please visit Bryan's site, tweet him, FB him dream dirty dreams! And until you do that, please enjoy the remaining shots in this gorgeous (and exclusive, did I say exclusive?) set.


you better make this good.


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