Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation! All I Ever Wanted!

Poodle and I are taking off on vacation this Saturday.

It's a much needed break for him and it will the first large sized vacation that we've taken together in over 4 years. His MBA took up a LOT of time, along with my Psycho Kitty illness.

The planning of this trip has been a small off-Broadway production.

First, we were heading to Vienna, Austria, Poodle's "always-wanted-to-go" destination. After a lo-hot of research, he decided that Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbrook was going to be too much work. Scratch Vienna.

A beach is what we needed! A beach, or a pool! Sunshine, cocktails, cabana name it! Without missing a beat, Poodle had us off to St. Maarten (on the Dutch side)! Oh, the accommodations! Oh, the restaurants! Oh, the Shopping! Oh, wait....the two days of sunshine out of ten. Scratch St. Marten.

Of course, we looked at Puerto Vallarta, but it's raining EVERY day there. Just like in St. Marten, it's raining almost every day EVERYWHERE!

Hold on,...shift it back...CABO! That's right, kids! Yours truly will be hobnobbing with the A-listers (whatever THAT means) in sunny, hot and gorgeous Cabo San Lucas! What's great is that even though it's a resort (haven't been to one in about 10 years!), it's not an all-inclusive, so you know what that riff-raff!

We're outta here on Saturday, so you'll just have to make due! I'll have some posts in the can and pre-dated, but otherwise, I am going to Mexico TECH-FREE. No phone, no laptop, no tablet, no nothing! We're going the old fashioned way -- duty free cigs, booze and a party pack of rubbers!

I'll get a couple of posts up before I leave, but otherwise....Hasta Luego!


  1. Have a fabulous time!

    But......just the ONE party pack??!??

  2. bob: thanks! and yeah...just the one. I am almost 200 years old, after all.

    jason: so far so good!


you better make this good.


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