Friday, February 24, 2012

I Couldn't Resist...

Jesus Gets His Nails Done


  1. Oh dear.

    I,um, yeah, I, er, like it.

  2. FABULOUS!!!!! That took guts posting it.

    (I hope you delete that link for the double verification. People HATE having to decipher those hard to read words so they are not going to comment on your stuff. (Unless that's why you've left it programmed)

  3. bob: oh come LUV it!

    glen: thanks. and thanks for your feedback about the WV...unlike you, i was getting some serious spam, but implementing the WV has eliminated it. Of course I want comments, but the elimination of SPAM makes The Lisp experience so much more enjoyable.

    glen: sacrilege only if you're religious! cheers!

  4. I think he'd look better with a french tip. You can never go wrong with a french tip.


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