Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring Cleansing

Sitting at my desk one afternoon a few weeks ago, I was surfing the Intertubes and listening to the radio.  The afternoon host, Mike Chalut, of The Mike Chalut Show on Toronto's ProudFM mentioned that he's on "a cleanse."  This made me prick up my ears, since my family doctor had just suggested to me not two days earlier, that perhaps I should consider doing a "detox."

I thought about doing one of those Greens + liver detox things, but deep down, I knew I needed a bit more.  My cholesterol is a little high (that's something that you young gaylings won't have to worry about for awhile!), my liver enzymes are high, my blood pressure is a little high.  Oh, fine...and I'm overweight.

So, I tweeted Mr. Chalut and he said that he was cleasing with Toronto's FitOrganix.  I have to check this out, I thought to myself.  But before I could even google FitOrganix, I got a tweet from company founder, Jules Lieff, who also appears every Monday on Mike's show.   We quickly set up a time and place to meet so I could talk to her about FitOrganix and get some details about her new company.

Jules Leiff, FitOrganix founder, ph. by Korby Banner
Jules is a petite girl, 5'4", blonde, tanned and fit.  I mean, F.I.T.  And super-energetic, friendly, driven, and compassionate.  We talked for an hour or so, and I was completely impressed.

Leiff has cornered something missing in the fitness and well-being market.  "Everybody can get themselves to the gym --- how people eat is the hardest part to change."  Girl, you're preaching to the choir!  I can't tell you all how many times I've tried to "make that change" only to stumble, or not "have time" to cook, or let's be honest, not even be bothered to try and opt for finger cuisine (my code for pizza/thai/chinese delivery).

Jules partners with holistic nutritionist, Julia Karantjas, to create healthy food options and menus, but it doesn't stop there.  There's also a chef on board to work with those food items who creates flavourful creations (no boiled chicken here!) that --and here's the clincher-- get delivered to your door every morning.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, all at your doorstep.  FitOrganix does all this with a dedication to organic and local foods, farms, and environmentally sustainable products.

It's only fair to point out that one common roadblock to anyone trying to "hit their re-set button," as Jules puts it, is the level of committment to it.  Is it hard?  Jules will be the first one to tell you it is.  She was the first FitOrganix cleanse client!  But at the end of it?  "I felt great!  I felt ... balanced."

Balance is v. v. good in my books.

Next week:  Read about my 14 day cleanse adventure! 


  1. this sounds great - good luck. ask her if she has any resources like this in Minneapolis?

  2. kyle, try: Liv with Viv, Organic Meal Delivery


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