Friday, April 27, 2012


Yours truly, and my sistah!
I'm needing your help, dear reader!

I figure all the musical enjoyment (I hope) I've provided over the years will come back to reward me.

One of my favourite genres of music is Acid Jazz.  Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Jamiroquai, CFM Band, Nuyorican Soul, St. Germain, Llorca, Mother Earth, Jazzanova and SO many more!

There is one track from the early days of Acid Jazz (I'm talking the mid to late '90s) that has completely escaped me and I have been on the hunt for it for ages.  So, I'm turning to y'all to see if anyone remembers it, and can give me any information.

All I remember are the following things:
  • it was spoken word, no singing
  • there was a definite theme of "sisters"
  • lyrics included: "sisters of the corn...sisters of the wheat..." and the phrase "homocentric eccentricities.
  • the lead vocal was female
Anyone recall?  If you do, hook a sister up!

In the meantime, won't you enjoy my little tribute to "sisters!"


The Lindsey Triplets (Anita, Becky & Cathy aka The ABC Triplets) --my cousins!


  1. No idea - my search is coming up dry. But I have to give you 3 bonus points for this post:

    1. For the Andrews Sisters. Love.
    2. For the Scissor Sisters. LOVE.
    3. For pointing out something I never realized until today - that Sara and Melissa Gilbert are sisters! How did I not know this?

  2. Consider this your "The More You Know" moment! ;)

  3. I found this Acid Jazz - Spoken Word compilation, but I have absolutely no idea other than that if it is what you are looking for! Fab set of "sista pitures" anyhow! Jx

  4. jon, thanks for finding that! unfortunately, i don't think the elusive track is there.

  5. wasn't able to find it, but it sounds kind poetic, so I was thinking maybe Vanessa Daou whose first album put music to the poetry of Erica Jong and is of the same musical genre.

  6. bop, thanks for looking! I'm pretty familiar with some of VD's music, but I'll check it out! thanks again!


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