Thursday, May 31, 2012

We Built This Shitty Part 2

Let's bring in some reality.

On Easter Sunday, our tenant had a wee sewer back up; water was coming up through his terlet and the bathtub.  Poodle and I went down and cleaned up all the excess water (our latex gloves sure came in handy) and... stuff.

The next day, I called a couple of Housekeeping services, and they all said the same thing: not prepared for sewage cleanup.

So, I contacted our insurance and they immediately sent over a restoration crew that proceeded to cut out all the drywall, tile, particleboard and sub-flooring until they found "dry."

At the end of it, almost a full third of the basement apartment was unliveable.  The process also uncovered some foundational surprises that forced Poodle and I to make the decision to completely rip everything out to the bones and start over.

We're glad we did.

Clay pipes that need to be changed to PVC; old, disconnected wiring STILL running through the rafters; uneven concrete, sand in some places; improperly installed drains, some with hoses n' shit just emptying into HOLES IN THE GROUND.

We've been at a standstill for a couple of weeks while we meet with contractors and tradespeople.  We're down to the final 3 (we had 6), and we're so eager to begin, we're itching with anticipation.

Tonight, we discovered that water (and sewage n'shit) has been bubbling up in some of those deficient drains.  It smells like the urinal bank at the Air Canada Center if the flushing system was broken.  There's terlet paper and shit down there and we've had it!

Tomorrow, the decision gets made!

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