Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled HUMP! ~ In The Heights

This is Billy Heights, who also goes by the nickname of Brolly.  I know, but ...what can you do? On the bright side, there's a chance that his actual name is Kevin.  So, there's that.

I used to think he was just some hot random model, trying to crack into the big time.  I was close.  Turns out he's a model whose been getting the big time into his crack!  Yes, Billy is a JetSetMen pornstar and according to his bio, he's openly straight AND actually likes getting fucked.  

Umm...excuse me a minute...I think I just did one.

Anyway, Billy is big, beefy and sweetly inked New Yorker with hands that make me weak (regular readers of The Lisp will know exactly why that it is)!  These shots by Joseph Smileuske show Billy off perfectly.   

If you want to see more, and I know you do, you'll have to visit my tumblr page, 

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