Friday, April 27, 2012

MDNA Tour Stage Set-Up?** SPOILER ALERT!!

Any Madonna fan worth their salt scours the Interwebs (or sets up alerts to save on the work) for leaks, exclusives 'n shit, especially when it comes to a tour!

There's been MANY different versions of a set list, but after several posts on the most reliable of Madonna blogs, this would appear to be the official stage set-up for her world tour that kicks off in Tel-Aviv on May 31st.

FYI: my tickets are in the lower bowl but based on what I see here, I'll be parallel with the platform at the end of the catwalk(s)!

Bring it, bitch!

UPDATE:  The "Pit" is now formally known as The Golden Triangle!  I think "pink triangle" would have been more appropriate, but there you go.

UPDATE #2: There's now a possible setlist to report!  If you don't want to know, then STOP READING!


Str8 Guys Are Funny

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Yours truly, and my sistah!
I'm needing your help, dear reader!

I figure all the musical enjoyment (I hope) I've provided over the years will come back to reward me.

One of my favourite genres of music is Acid Jazz.  Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Jamiroquai, CFM Band, Nuyorican Soul, St. Germain, Llorca, Mother Earth, Jazzanova and SO many more!

There is one track from the early days of Acid Jazz (I'm talking the mid to late '90s) that has completely escaped me and I have been on the hunt for it for ages.  So, I'm turning to y'all to see if anyone remembers it, and can give me any information.

All I remember are the following things:
  • it was spoken word, no singing
  • there was a definite theme of "sisters"
  • lyrics included: "sisters of the corn...sisters of the wheat..." and the phrase "homocentric eccentricities.
  • the lead vocal was female
Anyone recall?  If you do, hook a sister up!

In the meantime, won't you enjoy my little tribute to "sisters!"


The Lindsey Triplets (Anita, Becky & Cathy aka The ABC Triplets) --my cousins!

End(s) Of The Week

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HUMP! Hold Me, Like The Mister Jordan...

...and if he could hold us, what a lovely time that would be!

Jordan should be a familiar face to you; he's been photographed from Paris to L.A. by everyone from Exterface to Pierre et Gilles.  And even if you don't recognize his face, you'll know his body!  His 6'1" frame is beautifully furry and not once have I ever seen him shave that pelt off!  He has truly banned the razor!

This tall, dark and handsome beauty is a Montrealer (you lucky Quebecers!) and the latest in The Lisp's spotlight on Canadian HUMP!s.

...AND... this Frenchman says he'll shoot nudies, but I've yet to see his junk!  If you have and you're so inclined, feel free to send those on!



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