Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I've Been Listening To

I haven't done one of these since May so I thought I'd share with y'all what I've been listening to since the last update...

Most of it has proven to be pretty unremarkable.  Music needs a shake-up!

I have no issue with artists and bands being inspired by the 80''s one of my favourite eras! But this is just retro-overkill.  Terribly disappointing especially since I enjoyed their debut CD so much!
This is such an amazing CD!  Even the duet with Rufus (bitch!) Wainwright is good!

P!nk is starting to get a little generic and formulaic with her songwriting.  The whole thing just sounds...familiar.  The ballads save it.

One of my favourite bands of the Acid Jazz genre!  A little bit of greatness!
A gigantic disappointment.
Pure curiosity compelled me to check out CRJ's debut.  I don't think I'll be keeping it, but as far as "pop" music goes, it's right on the money. 
Hate it.  Another huge disappointment.
I really wanted needed this to be good.  I love supporting homegrown talent, but they're making it difficult.  2007's Galore was fun!  2009's Fixin' To Thrill was hit and miss.  Body Parts has like, 3 good tracks.  Sigh.
If watching paint dry needed a soundtrack, this would be it.
Exquisite.  I was enjoying her obscurity, but she's blowing up quickly.  Still, beautiful disc and a gorgeous voice.
Sam Sparro is my hero.  In a year of musical missteps, Return To Paradise is a welcome disc and is highly played on my iTunes!

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