Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UPDATED: A Golden Moment

I really can't let another day go by without commenting on The Golden Globes awards this past weekend.

I could go on about how hilarious Tina and Amy were; I could wax poetic on the red carpet fashion; I could swoon over how delicious Ben Affleck looked; I could joke about how Jodie did or didn't come out of the closet (I need my celebrities to say the WORDS)....instead, I have only one moment I'd like to touch on.

It came while Jodie was confusing the hell out of all of us:  the expression on Mel Gibson's face during her speech was priceless!  It seemed to be saying:

You're a dyke!?


Special thanks to Alexander at Voenix Rising for reminding me of my SECOND favourite moment during the Globes...Lena Dunham's date, Jack Antonoff!

Serious. Hipster. Hotness.

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  1. OK so it wasn't just me who thought Ben Afleck looked super duper hot?!?!?


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