Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coming Soon... (MY) Madonna's Best & Worst!

I'm working on a post right now that was inspired by a question that Jason from night is half gone asked in my Burning Questions post from a couple of weeks ago...

Well, I'm curious (in your opinion, of course)

What's the best of Madonna's songs?
What's the worst? 

I felt this question deserved more than some blurby response in the comments section.  It's taking me some time, because obviously The Bitch has a gigantic catalogue!  

Stay tuned!!


  1. Can't wait for your answers.

    My Maddie Fave single is a tie:

    "Love Tried To Welcome Me" & "Forbidden Love" from Confessions.

    My Maddie Worst is easy "Spanish Lesson" From Hard Candy (easily her worst album)

  2. My Fave: Causing a Commotion from Who's That Girl

    My Worst: I'm Going Bananas from I'm Breathless

  3. Favourites "Like A Prayer" and "La Isla Bonita"


you better make this good.


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