Saturday, March 22, 2014


Kids, one of my lifelong dreams is about to come true.

I have two childhood idols; Madonna and Boy George.  In my bedroom, plastered over two walls, was Madonna.  Duh.  But on the other two walls, was Culture Club.  Well, mostly Boy George actually.

And while Madonna eventually established herself as a Gay Icon, that didn't really happen until she was a decade or so into her career.  However, as a young gayling, it's no surprise to know that I was instantly drawn to a man, who wore makeup like a woman, and sang like an angel. 

Boy George, my idol since I was a young gayling, is coming to Toronto's Danforth Music Hall on April 24th.

In the 30 or so years that The Boy has been around, I have NEVER seen him live.  Never.  I came close a few years ago, but that pesky rent-boy-trial-jail thing kept him from entering the country.

This almost didn't happen...When I found out about George's This Is What I Do tour, Poodle and I were on the cusp of booking a much needed vacation.  We were quite literally just clicks away from booking the whole thing.  Unfortunately (or as fortune would have it), some pressing legal/financial issues have forced us to cancel our little sojourn in the sun.

At that time,it didn't even occur to me to jump onto TicketMaster and secure my entrance to the show; in fact, I had forgotten that the show was happening!  Thanks to a Facebook post, I was quickly reminded and booted it, post haste, to the site and procured my General Admission tickets!  Of course, I immediately went to Twitter to post about my success and secretly hoped that my childhood idol would see it.  Indeed he did!

I'm a favourite!
This is a dream come true. 

I even ordered a couple of t-shirts from his B-Rude collection!  I'm hitting the mall for some sexy hipster army-type boots and I'll be on the lookout for a jacket to complete the look!  What do you think?  These are the tees...describe the outfit!
Oh, I'm the happiest queer in all of Gayland!


  1. LUCKY! I too am a lifelong fan. Especially enjoyed his biography. Have a wonderful time.

    1. thank you! i also loved "take it like a man"... it was SO interesting reading about his life and remembering various moments and where i was at that time. "straight" was good, too, but not quite as riveting!

      watch for my review!

  2. I've been lucky enough to see him several times - the last was at George Mason University in DC in '98 (I think). A great show and very personable. I've been enjoying This Is What I Do but long for CC melodies and beats. I just checked and I'm surprised to learn he's touring the US - thought he was still banned. Your outfit sounds hot. Have a great time.

    1. you won't have to long for those CC songs for long...the boys are reuniting for their 30th anniversary with a CD and most likely a tour! i'm dying!

  3. I have seen George a few times - when we used to have large festivals after Gay Pride in London, he was quite a regular. He's such a charmer on stage - you will enjoy it, of that I have no doubt! Jx


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